We believe a good audit starts with careful planning and you will be made fully aware of our proposed timetable. Our auditors are professionally trained to ensure work is carried out with the appropriate degree of care and skill and a focus that includes truly getting to understand your business, not just the numbers.

We use the latest audit software to facilitate our innovative approach and train all our staff to anticipate client needs, communicate clearly and take responsibility for their work. We adopt a risk-based approach to ensure all reporting requirements are met – keeping clients, banks, creditors, finance providers and even the Inland Revenue happy.

As we draw on the experience of our senior audit Partners, we will give you clear, practical advice on how you can improve the quality of your accounting records and mitigate your risks. 

We will also provide you with strategic business advice that could help you to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively, including expert tax planning advice.

The audit threshold has recently been raised and many SMEs will no longer be required to carry out an audit. Nevertheless, a voluntary independent audit could still add value by enhancing the credibility and reliability of your accounts.  This could be particularly useful if, for example, you are preparing the business for a sale.

In addition to statutory limited company audits, we offer specialist audit services for pension schemes, charities and not for profit organisations, law firms under the SRA accounts rules and travel companies